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  • George Kovacik

    george kovacikGeorge spent years honing his craft as a singer and songwriter in the band the Surrealtors with his brother. His maturity as a vocalist really began to emerge after he left the Surrealtors and began writing and recording in the years between that band and the formation of orange is in.

    With a big, ranging voice, George brings an intensity with his voice that is instantly recognizable. Sara Cress of the Houston Chronicle compared his “gravel-throated” voice to one of George’s musical heroes, Bruce Springsteen.

    In addition to his vocal duties, George is an accomplished songwriter and lyricist. He and Jeff spent many years as songwriting partners prior to the formation of the band and, now, he continues to share those responsibilities with Jeff and Chris.

    A powerhouse performer, George rips through material with the energy of a rock singer and the deft touch of a pop songwriter.