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  • Jeff Balke

    jeff balkeJeff began playing bass after being rebuffed in his efforts to play the drums in high school by both his parents and band director. He spent years locked inside a small room practicing until he couldn’t see straight.

    Over the years, he has performed everything from hard rock and folk to jazz and Latin, pursuing a wide range of musical styles across the spectrum of music. His former bands include Under the Sun and popular Latin rock band The Basics, with whom he spent five years in the mid-90′s performing all over Texas.

    He has also had the opportunity to work as both a session and live musician with many local and regional artists and has performed live with Zakk Wylde (Ozzy Osborne) and Bruce Kulik (KISS).

    In addition to his duties on bass, Jeff serves as one-third of the songwriting team with Chris and George. He posseses a photographic memory for music, is able to remember complex arrangements after hearing them only once and has a knack for musical structure.

    He and Chris work together as a production team, having co-produced the band’s CD’s, and continue to work with many local musicians on production, arrangement and recording.