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  • Jeff Talks Petty with Andrew Dansby of the Houston Chronicle

    One of our favorites, Tom Petty, will visit Houston this weekend. He was originally scheduled to play here several months ago, but schedules got shifted and here we are.

    Prior to his first visit, Houston Chronicle and writer Andrew Dansby asked me to participate in a question and answer session. Dansby planned to do a regular q&a with a local artist focused on a one song that artist loved. Since Dansby and I (as well as the rest of the band) share an affinity for Tom Petty and the show was coming up (at the time), I chose “Walls (Circus)” and the story finally hit the paper and the web today.

    29-95: I’m intrigued as to why you picked this one. It’s a favorite of mine, but the album was kind of the beginning of a sort of sales attrition for Petty.
    Balke: I didn’t hear it originally on the album. I was at this event, a CD swap where everybody puts a CD in a box and pulls one out. And I got one labeled “My Favorite Tom Petty Songs.” It struck me immediately because it has those quintessential Petty elements. And it also felt like one of those where he was wearing his influences on his sleeves. The song structure, five chords, sounds very 1950s. The chord progressions are like Earth Angel or something. It still has the Byrds influence with the 12-string guitar. And it’s Beatles-ish where it starts with the straight piano and ends with that breakdown. I liked the combination of those things together.

    You can read the whole thing on or check it out in the 29-95 insert in Thurday’s paper.

  • Jeff and George play “Someone Came To Help Me” at LifeGift event

    Jeff and I were asked to play our new song Someone Came To Help Me by the folks at LifeGift of Houston. The group was celebrating it’s second annual “Donate Life Month” event. The rain held off long enough for us to do the song for transplant patients, donor families and other dignitaries who gathered at the Texas Medical Center (TMC) Commons. Tomorrow (Friday, April 16) George and Chris will do the same thing for a similar event sponsored by The Methodist Hospital Transplant Center.

    The full-band track is available on iTunes, Rhapsody and other various digital download sites.

  • George Gets Inverviewed by LMR

    Live Music Records, who invited us to perform their showcase at Guero’s at 1:30pm on Saturday, interviewed George this week. In it he reveals:

    • Where our name came from
    • Our most interesting gig
    • That he is not a studio musician

    It’s enlightening, engaging and, most importantly, really short for those of you with ADD or just a short attention span.

  • Houstonist Pimps Us

    HoustonistAdam P. Newton over at was kind enough to interview us prior to South by Southwest and maybe not terribly smart in letting us go willy nilly with the answers, but, hey, we’re musicians so you know there will be cursing…and tacos.

    Go over and check it out and make sure to leave comments or we will be sad and Baby Jesus will cry.

    And, let’s be honest, no one wants that.