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  • Jeff and George play “Someone Came To Help Me” at LifeGift event

    Jeff and I were asked to play our new song Someone Came To Help Me by the folks at LifeGift of Houston. The group was celebrating it’s second annual “Donate Life Month” event. The rain held off long enough for us to do the song for transplant patients, donor families and other dignitaries who gathered at the Texas Medical Center (TMC) Commons. Tomorrow (Friday, April 16) George and Chris will do the same thing for a similar event sponsored by The Methodist Hospital Transplant Center.

    The full-band track is available on iTunes, Rhapsody and other various digital download sites.

  • Houston Press Awards Nominations 2009

    Houston Press Music Awards 2009It’s that time again. It’s starting to get hot outside and the Houston Press Music Awards nomination ballot is out.  Like all years, you get to choose who you think should be the finalists on the ballots.

    We would like to respectfully make a few suggestions. We don’t want to be greedy, so we’ll just go with the following:

    Male Vocal: George Kovacik
    Guitar: Chris Rogers
    Bassist: Jeff Balke
    Drummer: Steve Salazar
    Roots-Rock/Americana: orange is in

    You only have to fill out the parts you know, so don’t worry if you don’t have any idea who the best Bulgarian flautist transplant is because we don’t either (ok, it’s some guy named Stanislov, but still).

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