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    “Come and Take It” ranked #5 on Houston Calling’s Top Local Favorites of 2007:

    The best thing about Orange Is In is that their music is straight-ahead rock ‘n’roll. Nothing pretentious or fake here.

    David Cobb
    Houston Calling
    December 28, 2007

    “On Come and Take It,” it’s evident that the band has spent a lot of time together crafting music that’s important to them – music without posturing or pretense.  From opening track “Sticky Finger” to the closer, a quintessential rock anthem about a rebel named “Johnny,” Orange Is In’s songs simply invite you to listen to some rock ‘n’ roll and leave behind your worrying about what type of rock it is. It’ music – enjoy it!”

    Adam P. Newton
    Envy Magazine
    September 2007

    “Orange Is In is one of those bands that keeps chugging for the grown-ups. The band’s new EP, Come and Take It, revels in this hard-won maturity with cautionary tales, rootsy rock songs laced with elegant violin, and singer George Kovacik’s Costello/Springsteen-esque vocals.”

    Sara Cress
    The Houston Chronicle
    August 22, 2007

    “And on Saturday night, Orange Is In will release its full-length debut, Another Lame Semi-Tragedy, at Rudyard’s. A couple of listens in, I can attest that Semi-Tragedy is anything but — it’s a terrific slab of mature, modern power pop with violin accents courtesy of Amy Price.”

    John Nova Lomax
    The Houston Press

    “For me the highlight of the week has to be the Orange Is In cd release show at Rudyard’s on Saturday. I’ve been enjoying their Another Lame Semi-Tragedy cd since I picked it up at Cactus last week.”

    H-Town Grooves

    “Kovacik fronts orange is in, and you can hear every bit of Springsteen’s gravel-throated influence…One of the band’s strongest songs is Father’s Day, a lush rock ballad that uses [Amy] Price’s folksy violin to expressive effect. Though Kovacik is a quiet conversationalist, his zeal and strong vocals shine on this song.”

    Sara Cress
    The Houston Chronicle
    December 9, 2005